8/20/2007 10:50:00 pm

Sole Survivor

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So I made it to Soul Survivor.

I arrived and didn't see anyone I knew. I was the ultimate loner. For the first two and a half days I only had one conversation, and that was in a Youth Ministry seminar. I sat alone in everything. In seminars, in main meetings, for my dinner. When I had nothing to do I just went to my tenr to read.

Then I met Mike P after one of his seminars and he was mortified that I'd been here alone for two days, so he brought me in the the land of VIPs. I got a lounge to hang out in with comfy chairs, food and Christian Celebrities. I have internet access. I have meal passes for the rest of my time here. And I have people to talk to.

So now, I am a little more in. But I just went an ate a potato by myself and I didn't feel like a loner. Because this potato I ate knowing that it was my choice to eat alone, not my only option.

Plus it's stopped raining, but that's got nothing to do with my VIP status.