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Eventually on Thursday we were picked up from our hotel and taken to the shops. We had to do that because we were visiting a school that Albert's church runs for Orphans and Disadvantaged Children. He wanted us to take something for the kids so he got us to buy cordial and bread.

We were taken out to the school and were promply set to work playing with the kids. We played "In the Pond, Out of the Pond", "Red Light, Green Light" and Howie's finger hand game that I don't know the name of. Oh and we gave them a frisbee which they had no idea what to do with, but I hope they eventaually figure it out.

It was pretty fun. I like playing with kids.

We were then taken into the church to get and offical greeting. We were told about the school, and were then given a large round of applause for giving them a $5 frisbee. They were telling us that the woman in charge volunteers because they often can't pay her. They like to give the kids a meal when they're there but they often don't have the money. If there was anything I saw while I was in Kenya that I wanted to give money too it'd be that school.

Soon the kids were told to give us another round of appalause because we'd bought them some cordial and bread. We were having a Party!

Had we known we were bringing a party we would have provided a lot better stuff than cordial and bread. Actually had I thought about it at all we would have brought something a lot better than cordial and bread. But the kids seemed happy.

Howie asked if we could help hand it out. At first we were told "No", but soon the leadership relented and we were given permission. So we got to give the kids their drink and bread. It was an entirely satisfying experience.

This is a photo of the kids with their bread. It's not the best photo but you can see all the photos from our trip here.


We headed back into town for lunch and Albert took us to a cafe which looked a little posher than usual. And judging by the prices it was. It cost us $8 to feed 5 people. Rip off!

While we were in the cafe Peter turned to me and asked me "How do you see the waitress?" which means "What do you think of the waitress?". I looked at her and wasn't quite sure what to say, but she wasn't bad looking, I just never know what to say when people ask me that.

"Do you think she'd make a good wife?"

Man, everyone wants to find me a wife. I didn't ask her to marry me.

That afternoon it was back to the corn field for more evangelism. Howie spoke this time. I'm sure he did well, but I didn't hear because Peter and some Pastor dude was talking to me about Australia's public transport system.

The evening was the revival in the church where we met the school in the morning. They rigged up some light globes and a generator. It was pretty cool, because everytime someone spoke the light globes would dim. So it made the speaking seem all the more powerful.

At one point Howie and I went outside for a pee and got to see heaps of Fireflys. They were cool. I'd never seen fireflies, I only dremt about seeing them after listening to "Kid's Praise 5" with it's singing, Scottish Firefly.

I spoke on 1 Samuel 6. No one walked out, so that was good. Albert didn't call for prayer that night. He just did his mini-sermon. I think because he was as tired as the rest of us, so we got to bed reasonably early.