8/13/2007 10:14:00 pm

Boy, How I do London

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I'm a bad tourist. Today I sat on the internet for two hours. I washed my clothes. I wandered down to Leicester Square, I sat on some grass and read and prayed, I watched Harry Potter again, I wandered back towards home, I bought a book, I ate Maccas and felt sick and got lost trying to find my hotel. Now I am returned and feeling better.

I like to go overseas to experience new things.

I watched Harry at the Odeon which has a digital projector. Oh boy it was sweet. I've never watched a film on a digital projector before, but it was real nice. Such richness, such clarity. I would have watched anything and enjoyed it, but this film was wonderful.

Tomorrow I will try and be a better Tourist. I might go see the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms, and do the Chelsea Stadium tour. Sweet.