8/11/2007 09:56:00 pm


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We have arrived alive at Nairobi Airpot. There isn't really all that much to say about today, so I can avoid doing a massive post about it some time in the unforseeable future.

Mostly we spent it bouncing around on potholed roads. For some reason Kenyans have a love of putting speeh humps on their national highways. This isn't just a broken road, these are actual speed humps.

From Eldoret to Nairobi Howie, Albert, David and I had a small public van to ourselves. It was great. We had whole rows each to stretch out in rich, white man luxary. I felt a little dogdy seeing so many of the vans stuffed full of Kenyans on the way. But we needed to make sure we made the plane. Otherwise I'm happy to travel 300km with my head in some random's armpit.

At lunch today we got hit-up for more money. It made me rather annoyed. I spent a while working out what the problem was, because I don't care about the money. I realised it had something to do with the assumption that because we're white (or rich) we'd just pay. We weren't really asked for the money, we were just told there were more expenses.

I really dislike the way money mucks up relationships. I asked for all the expenses they were going to ask for up front so this wouldn't happen. Unfortunatly it didn't work.

Oh well. I'll move on. It won't happen again.

Coming into Nairobi we got stuck in this massive fog, it was cool.

Then in Nairobi we got to experience the wonders of Kenyan round-abouts. You get four lanes of traffic in every direction and drive straight for where you want to go, and honk till you get to the other side. None of this "Give way to your right stuff", just go for it. I was most impressed. I'm pretty sure they're better drivers here than in Australia. They should source stunt drivers from developing nations. They're much better at split second timing.

We arrived at the Airport on time, actually way early. So this is good. We will not miss our plane. So London, here we come, eh?