8/16/2007 07:31:00 pm

Martin Andrew

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I went to see Andrew do his thing in Martin Gerre which is his current musical. He's doing in a little theater in a little town a long way from London. Andrew is blessed enough to have the title role, but sadly only manages to be on stage for the smallest amount of time, while some cad prances about on stage making love to his wife. I was at the afternoon matinee which was full of grey hair and hip replacements. They talk through the whole show things like "Who's that?", "I can't hear what they're saying." "Ooo, they got him!" Andrew mentioned me that that they can hear everything from the stage. That'd be a thrill.

Anyway, I had a good time. It's not the world's greatest musical. It was good to see Andrew perform again. Everything he does he does well. But the show itself lacked a little bit of closure or good structure.

Still I got in for free so what am I complaining about. Actually I'm not, I had a lovely time.

I had lunch at a pub before hand and discovered that a 8oz Gannon Steak has nothing to do with cow, which is rather dissappointing because I was really looking forward to a steak (I think it's pig, judging by what I ate, but who can know these days).

After the show I got a Taxi to the station and he kind-of shouted "I'm so hungry! I want Chinese!" To which I started to regale him with some story about the Chinese I ate last night (it was too small) and he just started talking on his phone through his Bluetooth. So I'm not sure if he was ever talking to me in the first place. I wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed or feel bad for ignoring him after he got off the phone.

Tonight I'm staying with Andrew's friend Matt who I met on Sunday, I like Matt, maybe we'll become good freinds and have adventures together.

I've managed to spend $230 in the past 38 hours on food, travel and a cinema ticket. Ouch. Who would live here?

The Queen, that's who.