8/09/2007 03:20:00 pm

Soda Church

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We expected Albert to be late in the morning to pick us up for church, so we took our time. Unfortunately he came early and we had to skip breakfast. It's be the only time so far he's ever been early for anything. I guess everything has to happen at least once.

Albert took us to his church. It's a tin shed in a small town called Moi's Bridge, about 20 minutes out of Kitale. When we arrived at church things had already started. We shook a few hands and were ushered into the church and shown to our seats. We had front row seats along with the other Elders and Leaders of the church. There was a table in front of us with a table cloth, and a few bottles of Coke, Sprite and Fanta and other drinks on it. It turns out at the end of church a girl comes along and asks each of the elder people what they would like to drink, then pours it for them. It was a rather uncomfortable experience. As much as I love the idea of Coke in church, I hate the idea of being the spiritual elite. It didn't really speak of the equality of the eldership with the rest of the church to me. We've come to see that this kind of thing happens in all the churches. I asked one of our friends about it and realised that it's a reflection of the tribal culture, and this is how the elders of a tribe would be seated. I can understand that, but still I'm not a fan. But as a guest I can't really do much about it. I just try and graciously take the spot I am given.

The church service was fun. Lots of African singing, Albert preached and got translated, so we understood, then more singing. The congregation seemed to like the singing better than the sermon. It was good to see we have some similarities with our brothers and sisters here.

During the service we were welcomed by Pastor Albert and we got to tell them a little about ourselves. Albert made the first of what have been many references to when we return next year. This is a little bit of a worry because neither of us are planning on returning next year. We've tried to tell Albert this but alas still every meeting there's a reference. But maybe he's had a prophesy, and knows more than us. God can send us where he likes.

After church we were taken to Albert's house. It's a mud brick "unit" that's got a tin roof and is half the size of my bedroom. Certainly different to the four bedrooms that the Sydney Diocese insists on for it's clergy.

Aside: Lots of alarms have started sounding here, I wonder if the building is burning down? Oh just got told to save. Power going. Good bye.