9/01/2007 11:56:00 am


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I'm not sure how I feel about APEC.

I'm kinda excited about the chance to see lots of motorcades. And I really want to see snipers on the tops of buildings and stuff, but I doubt I'll see that.

I think the whole heightened tension between the Government and hippies over protesting is annoying. I wish our government encouraged protests, rather than tried to make them work the way they wanted them to. The people in the democracy want to express their opinion, hooray! Our MPs should be out there saying "Yes, keep at it, it's people like you who give my job it's value!"

I reckon I might go do some protesting. I hope I don't get sprayed with a water cannon. I'm not planning on being violent (especially not considering my last post) so I should be alright. But you never know I almost got squashed by a horse at the last protest I went to and all I did was march next to some people holding lanterns.

I'm not sure what I want to protest. I figure there are so many things to get upset about when you have Howard, Bush, Putin, and the Chinese guy in town it's like trying to figure out where to start at the Sizzler buffet.

All the fences and traffic changes are kinda annoying. If you're going to have a meeting why do you have to have it at the Opera House? It's there for Opera, not meetings. They could hire a posh conference centre in the Hunter Valley. They could see the beauty of the Australian bush and they wouldn't need to inconvenience 6 million people.

But I am all for the public holiday. I think we should have an APEC public holiday every year, no matter where in the world they meet. That'd be cool.