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The weekend that was, Without vowels.


Wnt t drm thng wth Jm. vce wrkshp t b prcse. hd fn. W lstnd t Jhn Myr n th wy thr, hs gd mn tht Jhn.

Nght ws gm f Mnply wth Chrs, Jm, nml, nd Mchl. Lts f fn. t tk vry lng tm, bt wrth t. nml s hrd mn t brgn wth.


Chrch, gd stff. 'm njyng 10m srvce t th mmnt. Sd t g bck t drm grp on Sndy mrnngs.

Hln nd hd lnch wth th Swns Snr. Fntstc hm ckd ml. Ht fd, ym.

630pm srvce ws gd t. Mccs ftr chrch, gd tmes, gd t hve lts f schl ppl wth s bfr schl gs bck. lk th schl flk, thy'r gd qlty.