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"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

I think that the HSC should be banned. It's a really silly idea that does silly things to people. Everyone gets so stressed and they shouldn't, it shouldn't be that important.

Year 12 was just lots of people telling us that the HSC was the end of the world. "If you do badly in that, well, you're stuffed."

I'd like to say that's a load of crap. If you do bad in the HSC and you can't go to Uni you can take a few years off, get a job, go traveling, enjoy life without exams, then go to uni as a mature age student. They beat the HSC up to be the pinnacle of your educational career. If all you learn at school in your 13 years is how to write a few essays and do a major work or two then our schools are useless.

I'm only writing this because I keep seeing the year 12s, everyone is talking about trials and getting stressed, and I think it's silly. It's not the year 12s fault, it's the system's fault. It's the people who make the decisions and run the whole thing. I've heard many school people say to me, "Oh, and that year's out 'cause I'm year 12" Why do we feel it's necessary to set something up where people have to remove themselves from normal life for a year to prove they are smart enough to go to uni? That's stupid. What's the big deal?

I'm going to become the Minister for Education and I'm going propose a Bill and I'm going to call it "The Chill Out Bill: Freedom for Year 12s" And I'm going destroy the HSC. I'll figure out how to assess people's skills better, and I'm going fire any teacher who stresses year 12s out. They've made it through 12 years of education, they should have a year to have fun.

Damn the HSC, damn it straight to Hell.

Oh and God bless all you year 12s, even though you are doing the HSC, you need fear no evil. Once you've been out for a year, no one really cares. Study (a bit), do your exams, have fun, do it for God, and remember you're a valuable person whatever silly mark you get.