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I went to church again today. It was the first time since Tuesday. Yay!

It's strange going to morning church because I don't do it often. It's nice to go. It's nice to see something other than 6:30. Although I do love 6:30, we have fun there.

I didn't do huge amounts today. After church I spent almost the whole afternoon on the couch reading. It was very relaxing. At 4 I gave Helen her official "catch up" and then mooched around for a bit. I set up a dvd player, talked to people, prayed with Kaye and Tanya. That was fun. We prayed for the church, it is good to pray for the church.

Church was good. Sally spoke well. I'm still excited about the CDs. I wasn't quite with it tonight, at church or Maccas. I think I was a bit spaced out. But Maccas was fun.

I gave one of the girls in the youth a lift home, Rach kindly acted as the "official other old person" before I dropped her home too. When I got back to Maccas it was all locked up, and everyone was still inside. I was worried I might have to hang out outside till people came out. But Jo came and snuck me in via the automatic doors (most people come in via those doors, but most people aren't "snuck" in) and I felt very naughty. Well, not very, but I enjoyed sneeking.

Now I am home and about to eat dinner. The problem is not eating McDonald's is that it's a long time between meals sometimes.