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My hands smell like petrol.

The van ran out of petrol (not my fault this time) so I was on refilling duty. I had to go to the bottom of the drive with the petrol can and a funnel and pour it into the car. The can wasn't designed for pouring (I'm not sure why, I guess the designer only thought as far as putting the petrol in the can not getting it out) and as a result the petrol went all over my hands. Now I smell like someone who works on cars. Oh, how manly.

In other news...

I went out to the city with Tim today. We had fun. We caught a ferry to Woolwich because neither of us had ever heard of it so we thought it might be fun to explore. And explore we did. There were lots of big houses there. Very nice to look at. I think my two most used words of description were "disgusting" and "absurd". I'm such a middle class snob.

If I were rich I would like to live in a posh apartment. I'm a posh apartment kinda guy.

In Woolwich we discovered the Woolwich Pier Hotel so we stopped in for a drink. I don't often drink at 3:30pm but today was a special occasion. Tim had a Strongbow and I had a Kaluha and milk. I wish I liked beer. Then after our one drink we left and explored some more.

We almost missed the ferry. We leapt on board just before the ferry drove off. The gang plank had been pulled in already so we had to jump the frightening half metre gap between wharf and ferry. Action stars we are.

I trained it home and had a nice sleep listening to Johnny Mayer once Tim had alighted.

Tonight was pub night again, and well, it was small but pleasant. Helen's back. It was good to see her. The Blues won. Yay! I started off at the pub alone watching the footy. I felt almost completely content watching it, but then Chris and Jem and we had to move otherwise I'd keep watching and I wouldn't talk to anyone. But I think I should start watching the footy again. Maybe I should pick a team to follow and start paying attention. Hmm. Maybe I should go for Parramatta. Back to my old favourites. They're not doing very well, but hey, at least I won't be going for them because they play well.

Ok, I'm now a Parramatta supporter. Go the Eels.

Parramatta up the ladder, Balmain down the drain.