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City, Cinema and Rude Awakenings

When I come to the city I spend a lot of time walking up and down it.

I have today. I keep thinking there might be something I want to watch on at the cinema so I walk to cinema, have a look, nope, nothing on. Then I'll find something else to do. And it'll occur to me that there might be something I want to watch on at the cinema, so I walk to a cinema and nope, nothing on. I've done that three times today.

In between I've bought a book, The Da Vinci Code (which looks set to be a rollicking good read, and completely heretical), had hot chocolate with Gloria (Jean), checked out Circular Quay, and looked at tall buildings. I'm not quite sure if I've had a good time yet, but it certainly beats sitting at home.

Speaking of home, I woke up this morning to a knock at the door. I decided to ignore it because I wasn't really dressed for visitors. I don't feel like parading around in only my boxers for just any old person that knocks on my door. Anyway, I waited until I heard the gate again and I decided they must be gone. "Away with you, you mystery knocker." Then the neighborhood dogs started barking. And I heard footsteps in the bush behind my house. This spurred me to action. I got up, looked out my window and noticed there was a person in my backyard. She was taking photos of my house. I had two thoughts about who she may be, 1. A thief casing our house, so they can steal all our expensive home appliances or 2. An Al Qaeda operative taking photos so she could bomb our house. Alert but not alarmed, I dressed myself in yesterday's clothes, and headed outside looking tough and half awake.

I walk out the door and by this stage she had moved to taking photos in the front yard. "Oh Hi, I'm and architect" (Likely story) "I talked to your Mum last night, she said I could take photos" (Who said you could talk to my Mum?) "I knocked on the door but no one answered" (That's because I didn't want to speak to you) "Did you just wake up?" (That's none of your business)

"Yes" I said

"I've already seen in your room" (What the hell!?! Was I in there?) "You mum showed it to me, she was embarrassed about the mess" (Everyone is out to get me) "Is this yours here?"

"No, mines the other one"

"Well, ok then. I've finished now."



Off she went and I went and had a shower.