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My Day

I woke up this morning and did my usual. I got an sms during my quiet time, I thought "None of my friends are up this early." And they weren't. But my friends at the tax office were. I got $621.22 from the Tax man. I wish the tax man was my Uncle.

The tax man is a good example of earning good gifts from a higher power. If you are good, and pay the tax man lots of money, he'll give you lots of money back. If you are bad though, and you skimp, the judgment of the tax man will fall on you and he will punish you and take money off you. We insignificant humans spend much of our lives trying to make our tax man happy with good gifts of the fruits of our labor.

If I lived in ancient Mesopotamia, I'd add Tax Man to my list of other gods, like Baal, Ashtoreth and Mot.

I don't think the Tax Man knows much about grace.

Anyway, it was time for breakfast after my monetary blessings, but I didn't feel like breakfast. I sat in a chair at the end of my darkened kitchen feeling bler, then fell asleep for a bit. At ten to nine I said "No use sitting here like a sack of potatoes, best be off to work" so I went to work early.

Church was good. I got my drama group to be serious which I think was boring for them, but I was excited about it.

I hung out with many young people after church, and they're all a bunch of fun.

Lunch with Helen, then I worked on my sermon for a few hours.

We went to the retirement village with the youth group. It was smaller this time, but good. The residents were great. There was one lady who sang me a song about how I'm 21 three times. And then she'd say "But you're not 21 yet" and everytime I'd have to think of a new witty reply, because I can't use the same material twice, not even on someone with Alzheimer's.

Church was good. I got really nervous tonight. Some nights when I preach I get more nervous than others. Tonight was a very nervy one for me. I felt sick for most of the hour before I preached, but once I was there I was fine. Although I was a little parched.

Lauren told me I went a bit pentecostal tonight (until I started talking about sin, and then I went Anglican). It was funny. I got more excited tonight than usual. I spent most of the night talking about the gospel, so I think that's what excited me.

At Maccas, well, it was usual. Until I managed to snap the key* to the car while trying to destroy a happy meal toy. This was very funny for 5 minutes, and annoying and idiotic for the next hour while we waited for Ryan to turn up with a new key. Good on Ryan and good on my Mum for making sure the key got to us.

We drove home and Chris told me about his day, and that was the best bit.

*Thanks Chris for the photo.