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I spent lots of money today. I bought a Johnny Cash cd. I'm quite excited.

I had "coffee" with Travis this morning. Bright and early. We talked about all sorts of things, like preaching, cars and motorbikes. I was quite pleased with myself.

I met Chris after that and we went on our outing. We went to Koorong, where I bought some cds and Bible reading stuff for church. I met my Koorong friend Scott there. He works there, but I know him from school. We had a D'n'M right in the middle of the music section, it was a surreal experience that can probably only happen in a Christian bookstore.

After bookstore Chris and I went to the city and wandered around his Uni. He visited people, and I stood there. We went to Broadway to watch I, Robot. There was food before and I ate Indian. The movie was good. Yep, I enjoyed, the script was good, and I think I only groaned once. That was when they put in the useless shower scene. What's with that?

Will made me laugh and the action was fun. I enjoyed.

Tonight was Parish Council and the room was very hot. Ray asked me about my announcement about the church heating when I paid out the parish council. He did it just to watch me stew. I knew he would, he's a rude man. Oh well, I love him anyway.

I drove there and back listening to Johnny Cash. He's cool.