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I didn't do much today.

I planned a talk for Alpha, had some soup with Mum and Jo (sister) in Hornsby, and fell asleep in various chairs around the house. I felt a bit stupid today. Oh well it happens.

I also picked up the car from the mechanics. I'm not very good there. Whenever I drive out of the carpark I feel like they're all looking at me saying "He drove out of the car park all wrong. He did a three-point turn to get out. What an idiot. Could have just reversed out. What a waste of three points."

I went to Alpha toinght and no non-Christian's turned up so I gave a modified version of my talk. I made a lot of it up on the spot. I rehashed a little, I said stuff I've said before (especially to youth leaders) and hoped it'd be ok. I had fun. I felt better about the talk because most of it was impromtu, so if it was bad I had a good excuse.

I liked sitting around with the Chirstians too. I liked them all.