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Chris and I went to the RSL last night. I've seen a lot of Chris lately. It's been good. It comes with many of our friends being out of the country at the moment I think.

The RSL was smoky as usual. And there were lots of people from my various schools there. It was a virtual school reunion. Although I didn't talk to anyone.

I had schooner of Tooheys New. I had my first full schooner of beer. I'm learning to be a man. It was fun going to the bar and saying "Schooner of New, thanks". Most enjoyable. One day I am going to actually enjoy the beer too, not just ordering.

I had a Lemon, Lime and Bitters second because I know I like that, and I couldn't think of anything else to drink that I wanted and didn't have Coke in it. I enjoy sitting there. We watched the footy and played Keno. Cool.

Then we headed to my house to watch a DVD. We watched Interview with the assassin. It was interesting. They made it like a documentary, but let themselves down by making it too un-realistic. It had a good concept though. It was like the Blair Witch of conspiracy films.

Today I had a meeting with Helen about the film in Starbucks. We had lunch together afterwards and were met by Mark and Anmol.

Following my chicken crepe, it was movie time. Mark, Anmol and I met Jo and Tinku and we headed off to Spiderman 2. Matt and Gemma joined us once we were in the cinema.

The film was good fun. I think it was better than the first one. It was a nice progression from the first. I think they did better with the characters, and it was all a bit meatier. The action was cooler too. Spiderman seems to have grown up a bit, he seems more used to his role. Worked well. I'm looking forward to number 3.

Tonight Tinku, Jo and I had dinner with Grandpa and Valentina. An enjoyable occasion. Japanese, eh. Raw fish, um, yep. I liked my food and the people. We had chocolate and tea back at the unit before I drove home listening to Achtung Baby loudly.