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Manliness Quotient Increasing


So Matt and I went to the boxing tonight, it was great.

Before the boxing we went to Eating World in Chinatown and ate Chinese and drank beer. We felt beer was appropriate. A steak would have gone better than Soya Chicken, but it wasn't bad. And the food was cheap and good.

We went into the Entertainment Centre which was filled with cops and macho young men. I decided it was a very different crowd from when I was there last to see Norah Jones.

Before the main fight between Mundine and Kessler there were 5 other fights on the undercard.

Most of them weren't majorly exciting but there was one guy, Mick Katsidis who fought last before the main fight who got a knock out half way through round 2 of a 7 round fight. He was pretty full on. I'd be happy to follow that man's career. Undefeated with 15 wins and 13 KOs, yeah baby.

Mundine vs Kessler was great. It was a very pro-Mundine crowd. I was going for Kessler myself. I think because he deserves respect. He came into the fight undefeated with 35 wins and 27 KOs. That's pretty good. I didn't like Mundine's chances of still standing by the end.

But they went the full 12 rounds. It was very exciting. Kessler fought better but everytime Mundine did anything remotely good the crowd go off. It's nerve racking watching them fight because the intensity just increases. By the last round I was on the edge of my seat, making all the right noises, going for Mundine. The crowd won me over, and I realised Mundine was going to loose, so the underdog factor got me. Sadly he lost on points but he stayed in, which is more than most of Kessler's other opponents have done.

I think I'm officially a boxing fan. I want to go back.