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One sermon down, two to go.

I'm so glad I don't normally have to preach every week.

I just watched bit of a documentary about buskers. That'd be a fun job. Unless you were one of those buskers with a mental illness. That would be hard.

I ate meat balls for dinner.

I had fun at First Sunday tonight. I really enjoy the people at my church. They're a good bunch.

I'm about to embark another of those weeks that make you think they're going to explode you have so much on. But most of it looks fun.

Can I tell you my week? I've been telling everyone.

Monday: Sermon writing, college, sermon, maybe a movie
Tuesday: Ulladulla to visit Jimmy
Wednesday: Work, Boxing with Matt
Thursday: Sermon prep, Air Guitar Comp
Friday: Scripture Seminars, Small Group, Camp
Saturday: Camp
Sunday: Camp, Preach
Monday: Sleep in

Tonight Jem and Jo told me that when I preach I almost sound American. I sound like a cross between Matt Gelding and Mike Pilavachi. Neither of them are American. But they're both good preachers so I'll take it as a compliment.