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I drove from Ulladulla to Chatswood in 3hrs 20mins. I reckon that's pretty good time.

I was down in the 'dulla making music with Jimmy. He's good with a guitar that man.

I enjoyed driving by myself. I listened to music and made as much use of the 100km/h zones as possible. They're fun roads to drive. Driving with people is fun too, but time by yourself means that you can be alone with your thoughts. Of course if I had something important to think about that would have been better. Today I think the thing I thought about most as I drove was The West Wing. I keep having to remind myself that the people on the show aren't real.

I watched Lateline tonight and Alexander Downer was on it talking about Australia's relationship with China. What was amazing was how little he said, and how often he didn't give satisfactory answers to the questions. I also watched Tom Cruise on Rove Live and he was almost the same (Execept Rove didn't ask any good questions). It seems to me to be a problem when actors and politicians sound exactly the same.

Perhaps things would go better if they put actors on political programs and politicians on comedy programs. I'm sure everyone would say much more interesting stuff.

My other issue is, why does the Lateline logo have a full stop at the end of the logo?


Is it because they want the last word? Is Lateline just a very short sentence? "Lateline." I don't know and I find it rather annoying. It's a title damn it, not a sentence. Grr.