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I'm done now.

I went and talked at the school. I got it done.

Last night I got a rough out line nutted out. It was a rehash of many different gospel talks put together. I spent all night dreaming about the talk. I woke up at one stage with a new talk in my head. I thought about writing it as I lay in bed but decided I should go back to sleep. I thought I would give it an audition while I was in the shower.

In the shower I couldn't work out why I thought it'd be a good talk in the middle of the night. Then I remembered that it was the middle of the night and things always seem good then.

After my shower I sat around the appartment trying to wake up and run through my talk but it was rather difficult. It was pretty early. I didn't really get much done. I could have been asleep.

I drove to the school and practised in the car. It did ok there.

At the school I got up to talk and did a rather advertisment for our youth group and then launched into it. I told them how last time I was at their school was feeling rather sick and was scared I going to vomit on them all. I thought they'd like a vomit story but they didn't seem all that impressed.

My talk was straight gospel. I don't like doing gospel talks often, because you feel like you have to convince people that you're telling the truth. And I don't like talking about judgement. And telling people that they're sinners. It would just be a lot easier to tell them the good news. But the good news isn't good news until they've understand the bad news first.

In the end it went fine. I didn't vomit on anyone. My stories when down ok. Some of them looked rather bored. But what can you do? That's school for you.

I'm going to eat some lunch. Hooray!