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12:05am Yesterday

This is what I wrote on Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning. I thought I should post it because that was the idea I think.

So I’m currently sitting here blogging on my new monitor. Sadly I still have no internet.

I’m listening to Elliot Smith (I think), Louise lent me the cd. It’s not bad. I hear he’s dead this bloke, which is rather sad.

My new monitor is big and flat and I just realised that I forgot to get a receipt for it, so its three year warranty might be hard to redeem if it dies. I’ll have to ring up tomorrow and ask for a receipt.

I went on camp this weekend. I got to go away with the youth group. How fun are youth groups? Fun.

It’s rather late to write a debrief. It’ll have to come out in a rather exaggerated form in my autobiography in 40 years time. But it was fun. It really is good to watch people be changed by God.

Tonight at Bible Study we had a man called Daniel Shayesteh come and tell us about his life. He told us how he was an extremist Muslim, fighting in the Iranian revolution. How he was the leader of a political party in Iran that had 98% of the vote. How he got kidnapped and tortured but escaped death. And how he because a Christian and how Christ has changed his life. It was a great story. He was an inspiring man. Now all he seems to do is tell people about Jesus.

I went to primary school with his daughters but I didn’t know their story. I wish that I had.

I want to be as excited about Jesus as he was.