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I'm sitting in Core games now.

I sat up late last night blogging. I have a new monitor so I wanted to use it. I wrote to dodgy posts in word. They were long, but dodgy. I might get around to fixing them. I was just happy to have a new monitor. It's a 19" LCD. Very nice.

It's funny how when you have no net at home, you come to places like Westfield to use it, and you can't think of anything worth blogging about. But you feel the need to blog because you don't have all day.

All my useful thoughts are gone.

This morning I sat at home and did sermon prep listening to classical music. That was most enjoyable.

David and I had lunch at Satay Queen in Hornsby. It is the ultimate dodge. Wonderful. I love a good dodgy little Asian take-away. Except we dined in. Fantatastic.

I have to go to college tonight for my last ever Preaching class. I would have one next week but I have an Air Guitar competition to go in.

Well now that I have giving the internet more useless text. I must be off. I ahve a Donny Jaffa suit to reserve.