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The Week in Photos


Mitch and Graham on Games.jpg
Mitch and Graham play at Funland

Funland in its Glory

Happy Feet.jpg
The Early Incarnation of those Dancing Machines

A Lock.jpg
A Lock


Before the Boxing.jpg
Before the Boxing

After the Boxing.jpg
After the Boxing

Donny Jaffa Plays Again!

Donny and Fan.jpg
Donny with Fan

Donny and Mum.jpg
Donny with my Mum (Happy Birthday Mum)

Make Poverty History.jpg
Donny says "Make Poverty History!"

Donny Performs.jpg
Donny Performs

Donny Rocks Out.jpg
Donny Rocks Out

Just before I go: You'll notice in the background of the stage there are poles. Those poles are Marrickville RSL's brand new Pole Dancing Poles for their adult entertainment. They had not yet been properly used on Thursday night but during my performance I got to dance with them. I got to dance on a genuine pole dancing pole. Of course my clothes stayed on and I couldn't do much as I was holding an air guitar but it was rather fun. I would have been a dream come true had I ever thought to dream of pole dancing.