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Living in the unit again is bringing back all the memories from last time I was here. All the smells and sights are making me remember how I felt back in October. Especially the smell of the shower and the toilet. Not that I spent much time there, but they have very distinctive smells.

I'm listening to Switchfoot now because I bought that while I was here last and I played it a lot sitting here at the computer. It has decidedly enhanced the nostalgic experience.

I'm hoping to create some new memories this time. I'd rather not spend the next two months reliving October. As much fun as October was.

Some new memories are:


Last night, I was struggling to find energy to write my sermon (hey I should be doing that now) so I had a bath. It didn't help the energy levels, it ruined them. But it was good. I haven't had a bath in years, literally. Living in a house without a bath will do that to you. But this was great.


I went to Timezone this afternoon with 5 of the guys from my small group. It was good fun. I lost Daytona twice but won the last game. I couldn't handle being beaten in a driving game by 5 guys who don't even have a license. My ego wouldn't have coped.

I have sore hand now from doing so much shooting on Time Crisis 3.

After Timezone I did some shopping. I bought some Coco-Pops. I'm hoping to win the Light Saber spoon.