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...I'm just a Little Unwell

Ryan's staying over. I just showed him to his room. Right now I feel like I've had an argument with someone, but I don't think I have. I can't remember having an argument. The last conversation I had was about what bathroom Ryan can use in the morning. I haven't had any conversations since then, there's no one else here, but I really feel like I just had an argument with someone. The darndest thing...

I thought I heard voices before I hopped into the lift last night too. I checked the lift to see if there was anyone in it, and there wasn't. There aren't many places to hide in a lift.

And on Wednesday night when I was leaving the church centre, I thought someone ran across the lawn in front of me, but there wasn't anyone there. There were three people in the car watching me who said there was no one there.

Leo and The President did just have an argument on The West Wing maybe that's it. Maybe I'm just getting too involved.

But that still doesn't explain the rest...