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What do I want to be when I grow up?

There are so many things I would love to do when I grow up. Well maybe not so many, but I often have thoughts that go through my brain and I think, that'd be cool to do that. I'm happy doing my life at the moment. And I have no immediate plans to go anywhere (unless I get fired or something). But in a few years time or so, it might be time to move on. I am continually ticking over ideas for my next life. I'm hoping I can do at least some of them. They're not in any particular order.

Go to TAFE and learn to fix TVs, DVDs and Sound Systems and stuff

Then I could open up a little store and fix things. That'd be fun. I'm not sure that I'm smart enough for that but I sure do like fixing stuff. Well I sure do like replacing batteries, and that's pretty close to fixing stuff.

Live and Work in America

I'm fascinated by America. I know I've said that before. But I am. I'd love to work in a church in America. Probably because the American Christian culture is pervasive in the Western church. And the Moral Majority has such an influence on how this world plays out. And I think people would like my accent.

Be a Husband and Father

Yep. I like women and I like kids. What more could you want?

One day I'd like to see if all my pontificating about marriage and relationships is really worth anything.

Work in a Developing Nation

Maybe I'm just trying to ease my guilty conscience but I think I'd like to learn from, and be inspired by, people who are poor in this world but rich in the Kingdom of Heaven. I'm not sure that I'd be all that helpful. I don't know if I have many skills that they can use of mine. But I'm happy to smile at them as say encouraging things like "Keep going" "Go get 'em" and "Will you pose for my digital camera?" Every poor community in the world needs a leachy, guilty westerner to support.

Become a Famous Speaker

I think it'd be fun to fly around the world speaking at conferences. More and more, the greatest appeal of this job is that you can peddle the same 6 six sermons and get them to perfect delivery. None of this stuff where you write a new talk every time and try and stumble your way through it. Oh no. You can have just a few and everyone will think you're great but really you're just well practiced.

Plus I could write books to sell at Koorong.

Be a stay at home Dad

I figure I could do this while I'm not speaking. I could write my bestselling books like "Teen Purity Again" and "The Prayer of Jabez for House-Dads" then go and pick the kids up from school. I could do a bit of house work, help them with their homework, cook some frozen meals for dinner. Sweet.

Make feature film

I'm waiting for the day when God says "Ok you did what I wanted you to do, now here's $10 million, go make a film" And I'll make a feature film that will be a small critical success on the festival circuit but won't get a distributor.

Be a Youth Minister in a struggling town in Western NSW

I'm sure I'd burn out within a week but they need people out west so desperately that they'll take anyone. The perfect place for someone like me. I'd like to take my training and experience where there is one youth minister for a whole diocese rather than one in every three churches. Or even two in one church (such as mine). I might be needed out west.

Be Bono's good friend

When Bono and I become good friends, and I regularly hang out with U2, I hope none of them read my blog because I'm going to be a little embarrassed when they read things like this.

Be an Army Chaplin who jumps out of Planes

I think I'd like to combine my love of the military with my love of God. I'm not sure how this would fit in with my pacifist leanings, but I really like guns, planes, tanks and combat fatigues.

Be a Chaplin in a Private Anglican School

I think there's an appeal to working in a "Christian" environment where you get to evangelise every day. I'd like to try and make Chapel fun and the challenge of nominalism interests me. Plus it's still youth ministry stuff.

Work in a Church as a "Man devoted to Prayer and the Ministry of the Word"

I don't want to run a church but if they ever had a job open for a full time preacher, I'd apply. I'm note sure how it would work, but I think I'd spend all week hanging out with people from the congregation, working in the community, reading newspapers and books, and researching and writing sermons, and praying.

Being a Posh Car Delivery Man

I once met a guy who worked for company that serviced posh cars. He used to go over to their house pick up their Mercedes, BMW or Ferrari, then drive it to his work to be serviced then drive them back to the owner's house. How cool would that be? I'd have to learn to drive a manual.

So there you have my rather long list of things that I'd like to do. I'm not sure that I'll end up doing any of them, I'll see what God wants, but I can dream...