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Filming on the weekend was fun. We used the "Losmandy Ride-On Spider Dolly", which was cool. Everyone wanted to ride on it, so I guess it was living up to it's name.

Matt is a good director. He's friendly, calm, and good to his actors. When technical things were going wrong he didn't get outwardly stressed and have a go at us, he just trusted us to fix the problems. When we couldn't fix the problems, he was fine, and continued to trust us. He's a good director. Plus he brought us in on time and on budget. Actually there is no budget, but I'm sure if there was a budget we'd be on it.

I think this film will a notch above the last two we've done. Maybe not a huge notch but I think we're getting better.

Today I had lunch with my Mum. We went shopping together first then we went home and she cooked me some pasta while I unpacked the shopping. She was a little disappointed that I only wanted pasta for lunch, (she wanted me to eat something exotic) but she did a good job with it. She asked me about my love life out of a sense of motherly duty, but I had nothing to report.

I also had a drink with Martin and Emily today. We sat in the Monkey Bar and drank beer out of their really tall schooners. Now I smell like cigarettes.

Tonight I watched the interview on Enough Rope with Di Fingelton who used to be the Queensland Chief Magistrate. It was very interesting. She seems to be a very proud woman with a deep sense of justice (which is probably important in a magistrate), and I couldn't see how people couldn't respect her. I was very impressed.

Tomorrow I'll go to Ulladulla again. We're getting close, Ulladulla and I.