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Fourgotten Floors

In this building I noticed that there is no floor 4 or floor 14. But there is a floor B4.

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I decided this was a little conundrum that I should investigate.

I just went to the Concierge (I'm so posh) to pick up the mail and my friend was on the desk, as I had hoped. She's one who recognises me and I don't have to ask for the mail, she's friendly. She also filled out a form about this apartment for me when I didn't know all the answers. She's cool.

Anyway, she was on the desk, so I asked her why there is no floor 4 or 14. She told me it's because the number 4 is a very unlucky number for the Chinese people. I didn't know that. As well as being no floors with 4 in it (except B4), there are no apartments with the number 4 in it.

I asked her why then, is there a B4. And that's because it's only a parking level. I made some joke about sleeping on the parking level but she didn't get it. She just looked at me and said "It's only for parking."

I persevered though and in the end got a smile after I said it was safe to sleep in your car on B5 and B3 but not B4. I admit, not a very funny joke, but sometimes you just have to keep working so that people know that you're joking, not just stupid. Of course, you can be stupid and joking, but it's better than just being stupid. Trust me, I know from experience.