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So Happy Right Now

I finished my exam today. I just wrote three of the worst essays of my life. My exam only had one thing in it that I studied for. I spent the whole 2 and a half hours counting down till 4:30pm because then it was all over. I'm not at all fussed about my exam. I reckon I have 50% chance of getting over 50%. And while I don't like academic failure, academics hasn't really been on my mind.

But I am exceptionally happy now. I am on holidays between now and 12pm Wednesday. That's the longest break I've had for a month. I expect to spend some time lying on a couch, some time sitting in a cinema, lots of time asleep, a little bit of time washing up, and some time at commy dinner. I have already had breakfast/lunch/dinner and a beer at Cheers in the City with Ryan this afternoon. Having much fun. Brain has gone to mush.

I couldn't remember the word ideology this afternoon. I could only think of idolotry, and I knew that was wrong.