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Donny makes it through

Tonight I was back at the ol' Marrickville RSL, that neon lit paradise.

Matt, Lesley and I had a production meeting for the new film (Love is being the new title) while hours of Karaoke Semi-Finalists sung. It was a good plan.

At the end of the Karaoke I got changed into the Donny outfit and waited. I had my smallest crowd ever this time. Only Matt and Lesley this time. Donny was up first again. So when the announcement came, off I went. I got in my opening position and the wrong music came on. For some reason the music operator didn't cue the song to the solo he just played it from the beginning. Suddenly I started to feel rather naked.

While filled with horror I did my best to pretend that this is what was planned. I floundered around and did a few out of place moves and smiled at the judges and the old woman in the front. The minute felt like it went on for years. I was struggling to remember what actually happens at the beginning of Sweet Child O' Mine I'd only listened to it once today. Finally I was let off the stage, but I didn't feel all that impressive.

The competition that followed me was good. The costumes were great and the guitarists, bar one I think, were all better than me. There was one girl who did all sorts of dance moves which were rather intimidating. She some how managed to roll over the top of herself and keep playing the guitar. Wow.

The night ended with the announcements and amazingly Donny made it through to the Grand Final. So now Donny is competing at 8pm at Marrickville RSL next Thursday night. Could be fun. Come along if you're up for it.