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Tomorrow we start filming Love is (which has nothing to do with Love Actually) I'm thinking it should be fun.

I went to the hire place to pick up the dolly, the tripod and the mic today. It was fun but I felt rather stupid. I always do feel stupid there. The guys at the hire places are so smart. They ask me technical questions about how I'm shooting the film and what sort of camera I'm using, and what I'm doing for lighting. And I only come up with stupid answers. They work in the professional film and television industry and I'm just a small time youth minister with a handicam. At least I knew what he meant when he said "Do you want me to throw in a set of cans?"

Oh well, happily I got out of there with a car well stocked full of posh equipment and tomorrow I'll look a professional (except for the fact that I'm using a camera the size of a small rodent and my clapper board comes from Warner Bros. Movie World.)

Tomorrow will be fun. Now I'm going to bed.