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I was reminded how much I hate sin again today. Sometimes you get put in situations where you see how much destruction it does to people around you. And it scares you because it happens to those people you thought would be alright. You think "Oh they're in ministry, they only commit little sins." But then that continually gets blown out of the water. And then you realise, "If they're not safe, then neither am I". And that's a scary thought. I must be on my guard because the devil prowls around me like a lion, and I could fall into temptation as easily as the next bloke.

But I was also reminded that we who are saved have all been shown the mercy of God, and that is a wonderful thing. We are all sinners, but we are also God's redeemed, and that is the fantastic flipside.

Then again, I think if I never sinned again, I could still rejoice for eternity that I've been saved.