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When you look through old emails sometimes you find poems...

I wrote this when I was 17. I'm wondering why.

Have you ever met an angry frog?
He's much like a pissed off dog.
He jumps, and kicks and bites your leg,
It's their instinct, you know, to go for the head

Some times they all fight together,
Over who gets the pond and the shelter for wet weather,
The ones of different religions also fight too,
They all fight a lot but why they're fighting they don't seem have a clue.

The casulties are high and mediator frogs are brought in,
When they all argue it makes a terrible din,
It's funny to watch although a little sad,
To see all these creatures get hopping mad.

And we sit there and watch as the frogs go beserk,
The killing starts again and more frogs get hurt,
And we smile sadly to ourselves and think "If only they knew.
If they had our wisdom they'd all get on, just like me and you."