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I had a bad sleep last night. Full of stressful dreams and everytime I woke up I remembered that today wasn't going to be a day off anymore. Ahh poo.

I dreamt that there was a nucliear bomb that went off in Chatswood and all my friends kept wanting to walk outside but I was getting angry with them because they would get hurt by the fallout.

Then I dreamt that we filmed in Coffs Harbour and had to catch the train home. On the same train was a film crew who had lots of film equipment too. Normally this would be a cool dream but I lost the boom pole, and the train had to be packed and was leaving soon. I spent hours searching a dark warehouse full of film equipment for the boom pole, but I couldn't find it. I was getting annoyed because I wasn't allowed to turn on the lights, but I knew that if I turned on the lights I'd be able to find the pole.

In the end I remembered that I had left the pole in the car so I went outside to get it, and there is was.

Can you tell I wasn't in a good mood last night?