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I often blog at this time of day.

It's "reflect on your day time".

I worked again today. I saw my scripture class for the first time in 4 weeks. I like them. They're fun. I'm not a very good teacher, but at least I make them laugh with toilet jokes.

I had a meeting today and a discussion with Helen about the gifts of the Spirit. Helen confirmed her belief that I am a charismatic. That's good, coming from a person like her, a real charismatic. I think I'm a quiet charo. That's how I'd describe me.

I ate a chicken burger.

Rach has well and truly moved in which has lowered the productivity but raised the fun. So I'm happy to make that swap.

I organised my social today, called every boy in year 6-8 in the youth group. I also started a small group, but I didn't finish one, because only one person turned up. Shame. But it did mean I got all the work done that I wanted to get done today.

We pubbed it, and as usual, I enjoyed myself. Today was a good day. I only felt overwhelmed between 1:20 and 2:05. The rest of the time, I felt hopeful.