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On Monday I went and saw Walking Tall with Chris, Sal, and Jo. It was good fun. After my day of writing about Bible things it was good to switch your brain off and watch a man with a big stick hitting things.

Speaking of Bible things, I discovered on Tuesday that I had accidently stuffed up a question in my assessment. I wrote the first thing that came to mind, forgot to go back and fix it and handed it in like this:

In Hos 13:7-8 Yahweh compares himself to a (lion), leopard, bear and lion.
There seems to be a progression in Hos 13:7-8 with things going from bad to worse:

leopard - lurks
bear - attacks and rips open
lion - devours

If the sequence is reversed in Dan 7:3-6 lion > bear > leopard, what should we expect of the fourth beast ?

A frog



I taught scripture. I still enjoy that. Because it was raining the kids had to stay inside for recess. This meant that I couldn't have my usual game of hand ball. I could, though, hang out with the kids inside. I think that was more fun becasue we got to talk about silly things, I got to play on the computers with the boys, and teach Claire how to play chess. So it was well worth it.

Work was meetings and then some work. I was pretty productive. I called lots of people, did all the things that had been on my list for a while and did stuff for the film. Not everything is ready, but things are getting better.

The pub was good. I discovered a new drink and I had a few conversations about my lack of authority, so I dreamt most of the night about telling various people off. It wasn't very satisfying, but what can you do? I think most of the people I was telling off in my dream were primary school kids and they just laughed at me.