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Alright, I can't say too much now. My eyes are at that sore stage of sleep deprivation. I can't wait for bed. I am highly anticipating it.

Anyway, I think I had an alright weekend. I'm really looking forward to having a Saturday where I can do my own thing and don't have to worry about

Oh bugger, just then I remembered that I have a college assessment due in on Tuesday. Oh *big swear word*! There goes my day off. Grrr.

Oh, right, where was I?

...don't have to worry about anything where I have any responsibility. I would love to have a Saturday to go to the movies, or the beach (I'm not expecting a free Saturday anytime soon) and then hang out with friends. Wow, how nice would that be.

Anyway, I didn't mind Saturday though. I had fun at Timezone. Games are fun. I won a mini gumball machine, which got stuck in the game machine. I liked playing video games with 12 and 13 year olds.

World Cafe was good, but I wasn't really paying attention because I was filming it. As I always say, if you film something, you don't really see it.

Today, was another church day.

I preached again tonight and I felt pretty good about it. I got passionate again. I found myself mid-passionate blurt and thought "Gosh I rarely speak like this away from the pulpit"

Now I am at home. God is still good.