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Perhaps I should talk about my weekend. It's not important.

Saturday was long. So so long. 7:30am is a fine time to start filming if you aren't finishing at 1am the next morning. Oi!

But it was a good day filming. We got everything done we needed to. And we had some laughs. It was a great location. Avalon is great, the ocean is great, the smell of new light stands is great.

Sunday I was very tired. I went and did a talk at the Kids Club camp but it wasn't very good. At least I didn't like it all that much and I didn't think it was very clear.

We went letter box dropping with the young folk that was fun. I had good times walking the streets with three teenagers, then eating ice cream with the whole youth group at the end. It's a good community.

We had church and I managed to fall asleep 6 times. And I didn't fall asleep once at McDonald's.

I also stubbed my toe on the heater in the bathroom in the morning. It didn't really hurt, but there was blood so that made me happy.