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Bloody Day

I got up early today. Well earlier than I would have liked. I had to go to Panavision to drop off the gear from filming. I dropped a package for Kirsty off at her school on my way which was fun.

At Panavision the carpark was full so I parked in the middle of the carpark, making life difficult for people wanting to get out. So I was trying to be quick. In my quickness I somehow managed to catch my thumb nail on the door of the car rip half of it off. I was pretty impressed because I've never done that before. My first thought was, "I can show my friend in the hire place" but then I decided that we work close enough friends yet to start showing each other our fresh wounds.

Perhaps I could sue Panavision because I was in their carpark.

Anyway I dropped off the stuff and found out I was an hour and a half late. Since we're friends, hire-guy and I, he said he'd let me off. Yay.

Following this I drove myself to Killara station and caught the train in to meet Chris. We met and went and found the Blood Bank. Today was blood donation day. I'd never done it before so I was excited. We filled out forms which asked us all about our medical and sexual history. I have never been asked such personal questions before. It was ok though, I didn't have any embarrassing answers to the questions, except that I had been to New Zealand in the last 12 months.

Once we were ready they sent us off to have lunch then we came back for the procedure. I got to have an interview with an nurse then wait to have my blood taken.

It turns out I wasn't very good at giving blood. My needle got stuck on the side of my vain so it took me 15 minutes to get 467mL. That's 3mL less than they are meant to take. Chris managed to do 470mL in about 5 minutes. I did enjoy seeing all my blood though. And all the nurses were fun. It was a good place.

Blood Arm.jpg

My arm

My Blood.jpg

My blood

Chris Blood.jpg

Speedy Chris

After the blood I got to have a milkshake, juice, eat a hot dog and some yoghurt. And it was free. I'd say that was the best bit but it wasn't. The hot dog wasn't very good. I had been looking forward to my free hot dog every since we visited the Blood Bank for science in year 10, so it was a little disappointing. But that's ok, I still liked the experience of seeing me bleed. My arm aches a little now.

I'm looking forward to next time. I'm going to bring more friends next time. We'll have a blood party.

Chris and I finished out outing by watching Steal which has got to be one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. The script was shocking. There was a British guy trying to be a Southern Preacher, but kept letting his British accent out every now and again. The action was useless, and well it was crap. Crap, crap, crap.

Now I'm home. I might eat some dinner. Maybe get an early night.