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I had a day today. Amazing that.

Generally I have a new one everyday. And when I get to the end of each one I look back and think "Oh, well, that was that" then I go to sleep, wake up and right there is a brand spanking new one for me to see what I can do with. As C.S. Lewis said "The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is."

Anyway, on this particular bit of past (formally known as future), I managed to drive Hannah to school, and I was reminded that little sister snot in not good to get on your fingers. Although I did feel particularly paternal cleaning it up.

I had a mostly productive day today. Except that I lost my to do list, so I can't be sure about that. I do know I was busy today, so that's almost as good as productive.

I went to Youth Church tonight. It's been over a year since I was last there. It was good to go. Our whole turn out from our youth group tonight was 4. 2 youth ministers, 2 young people. One would think that our church had a problem with the allocation of resources if you judged the youth ministry by tonight's turn out. That's ok, we didn't really advertise it, we just said anyone who wants to come can.

It was good to do church in a different context. I'm very good at forgetting that most of the world doesn't do or experience life like I do.

I'm not very impressed with Seven's coverage of the Olympics so far. I think they are replaying the Opening Ceremony from Sydney at the moment. The dream is over peoples! And the intro where our athletes destroy the relics of Athens. That's embarrassing. Oh well, not my problem. I doubt I have much time to watch the Olympics this time around.

Tomorrow is Timezone day, so I should sleep. It is good to be well slept for the important things of life.