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Now it's time to catch my life up. And it may only be me who's interested.

Well, me and my mother at least.


I think I liked Friday. It was quite a full day. Much better than Thursday day. I got frustrated on Thursday. I kicked a whole in a cupboard on Thursday. I fixed it too. I didn't mean to kick the soft cupboard, it just happened. Anyway, I've concluded that I should have listened to more music on Thursday.

Friday though, I had fun. I drove down to college and had my quiet time in the car. Praying while you drive always takes a long time. But I usually say more, so it's good. Good to spend an hour praying, rather than the usual 20 minutes (or 15, or 10, or 5).

College we got taught about counseling. We heard about transference and power imbalances. I spent the whole time analysing myself and diagnosing myself with all the problems the kind lady suggested. I may not have them all, but it's probably natural to think your a nut case for some of your life.

I also thought a lot about power imbalances. Probably because the whole issue of power weirds me out. "Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely" - Lord Acton Ever since I got told that in year nine by Mr Kennedy, I've thought about staying away from power. But unfortunately, you can't. Power corrupts relationships. Abuse happens when people abuse their power. I may not be all that powerful, but in my little world, I've been given little bits of it, but I'd rather just leave it alone. It's sad when it pollutes friendships though no-one intended to let that happen.

Anyway, that was just something that I thought about.

After the counseling women (who was good) we ate burritos and watched The Apostle. I enjoyed that movie. It made me want to preach more. Funny that. Many things make me want to preach. I really liked that it portrayed Christians well. Or at least as three dimensional people. If also a little crazy.

I drove home and ran a small group. The boys were talkative. Oh well, I'm sure their learning stuff, even if we never seem to get much done. They're a wonderful bunch of people.

Small group was followed by car packing and a fun filled trip to Berry to make a film. We turned up at my cousin's farm that had been kindly lent to us, sometime after midnight. It was a great location. I went to bed looking forward to filming. If not a little apprehensive about how it would all work out. I has happy to leave Sydney problems in Sydney.