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I think Blogger may have put a new thingy at the top of my blog. Hmm.

I had a good day today. College was fun. I preached there for the first time in about a year I think. I preached on the Evils of Toe Socks. People laughed and I think the first years may have been a little surprised. I don't know what sort of person they expect me to be. Probably and arrogant third year. I'm sure I look like that. I walk around like I own the place and don't talk to anyone. I only do that because I'm comfortable there, but I don't talk to anyone because I don't know anyone. And now that I have realised that I don't know anyone, I'm getting less comfortable.

I did make a conscious effort to talk to new people today. I even caught the train with two first year girls. Plus I met the only serious fan of Donny Jaffa on Loftus station. She came up to me and said "Is your name Tom?" I said yes, and asked her hers (I knew it, I remembered it. When you only have one fan it's easy to remember their name) and then she said "I was going to ask if you were from the Donny Jaffa Show" How cool is that? I'm famous, recognised on the station. Not as famous as Jem though.


We had four Muslim guys come to small group tonight. That was great. I really enjoyed hearing all about their beliefs. They confirmed what I thought, but I learnt heaps. It was cool. And it was really good meeting practicing Muslims. Perhaps like the equivalent of us Christians. Although I can't be sure.

I really want to tell them about Jesus now. I want to ask if they want me to come and tell them all about Christianity.

How good it is not to have to earn your salvation. It's times like tonight that make me appreciate Jesus all the more.