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Saturday started early with a shower and a wander around the farm.

Then it was breakfast, meeting, costuming, rehearsing and a preparation to film. Sadly, when it came time to film, I discovered that I hadn't got a vital cord that I needed from ASC when I hired the mike. This was the discovery that had to happen. Every time you make a film, something has to go wrong. This was it. No-one seemed all that surprised, and no-one stressed to much. Lesley was tops. She got on the phones, sent people on driving expeditions, Lesley was a good AD. She always is.

The missing cord meant we had a few free hours to rehearse which was great. God's provision for the script I hadn't got my head around yet. It was good to go through most of the important scenes before we shot them. I felt like a better director.

Finally the cord arrived and we shot a scene or two. And then a few more. We filmed a religious ceremony which should have taken 20 minutes to film, but ended up being about 3 hours long. There was much laughing though, and the cast and crew were very patient. Good for them.

We finished filming at around 12:30am.