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I'm filming tomorrow.

Helen and I went and hired the mike and tripod from Panavision today. Made my day again. I love going to Panavision. As I said to Helen "If I was a chick, guys could take me to Panavision to impress me." Cameras and film industry stuff. Yeah, cool. I always get geeked out when I go there.

We also stocked up on alcohol for the party scene in the film tomorrow night. I was hoping we wouldn't get found by youth group parents walking out of the liquor store during work hours, stocked up on lolly drinks and beer. 'Twas fun though. I stood staring at the massive selection of multicoloured drinks thinking "What would a person in year 10 want to drink?" (Don't answer that question Year 10 readers)

We had small group too. I think the study this week was too long. I had fun writing it, but we didn't get through it at either of my groups. Oh well, at least the leaders seemed to like it.

Tonight I had dinner with Ryan and Jem. We watched the diving.

Now I have to write up my shot lists for tomorrow. Then I sleep.

In the morning I'm getting up at 5:30am. Argh!