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So my day today started with the letter W.

It wasn't bad. I got things done again. I really like that feeling after you've made lots of phone calls and you can think to yourself, "I now have less work to do".

But apart from that, there isn't too much to remark about today. I beat Dad in an arm wrestle. I decided a few days ago that that might be a fun thing to try and do. I read about it in a book once. Sons have to beat their fathers at things, to grow or something like that. So we compared arm sizes (my Dad has bigger muscles than me) and then we wrestled. He may have given in to make me feel better. Probably did. He's a generous man my dad.

All the staff got given a fat books of quotations. That was good fun. Someone donated them. Yay.

I had coffee with Kaia tonight, that was nice. We talked and laughed and had a lovely time. I liked the catch up.

I'm going to try and be in bed in not too long. I have a talk to write tomorrow.