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I went to college today. I enjoy college. But I feel a little out of place these days. I used to be very comfy at college. Being a second year last year, full time, meant I owned the place. Being a third year part time, means I haven't been around to get to know any of the first years, and so, I act like I own the place, but in reality, I don't really. It's not really my college any more. I don't have many friends there anymore.

Oh well. It is still good to go and learn. We laughed about poo in Psalms today. Always good to laugh about poo when learning about community laments.

I came home and had coffee with Jem. We'd been planning it for a while so it was good to get around to it. She then took me on a driving lesson and taught me how to drive a manual. I had fun, but it was very stressful. I felt like a learner again. I guess that's a good feeling. Good for the humility.

Small group was good. I didn't say much tonight. Dinner was nice. Ray and Alison were sick and shouldn't be. I don't like seeing sick people.

I called Jo on the way home and had a good catch up.

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