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Yesterday Anmol, Ryan and I ate lunch in the food court together, then Anmol and I went to see Strasky & Hutch. I laughed.

I came home and had dinner with Grandpa and Valentina. It was Grandpa's birthday. Happy Birthday Grandpa. I did the washing up and Mil and I talked late into the night about theology, Counting Crows lyrics and marriage. It was a good discussion. I wanted to blog my thoughts on marriage, because I had a "moment" when I realised what excites me about marriage. But I'll probably never get around to it.

Today was haircut, lunch with David and trip to work. Helen and I talked more than planned. And I got less work than I should have done. I'll have to do it tonight. Grrr.

I also went and had Gloria Jeans with Kaye. That was good. I enjoyed doing "catch-up".

We had games night at small group tonight. It was fun but perhaps not world changing. But not every night needs to be world changing. Just every second night.

I need to learn to make jokes that people won't interpret as rude. I rarely plan to make rude jokes except with people I know really well. Generally I don't want to be rude. That could be offensive. Oh well.