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I don't know if I want to write things but I will, just so I can.

Sometimes in life I feel like swearing. I feel like letting rip with all the worst words I can think of, and then I'll have solved all life's problems. But alas, I have the feeling that doesn't work. Oh well, I guess that's the way of it.

Maybe that's what punching bags are for.

Matchbox 20 was pretty cool last night. I had dreamt about it the night before, I was that excited. And they were cool. I liked sitting in a cinema watching a concert. It was a little wierd and sterile at first. But I warmed up to in and I had a good time. Most of the songs worked well live. Some just sounded like the album but with screaming in the back ground. That bores me. But when the songs evolve, then I'm happy.

Today I got up late. Went to work, got some things done, and feel a little better about myself. Not much but a little.

I had a beer (Lemon, Lime and Bitters really) with Jo which was nice. I'd been looking forward to that for a while and it was good. We talked about youth leading and then all the rest. It was fun.

Leader's meeting was very small.

And I went to Bible study.

I would like to make a long post about Romans 13, but I shalln't. I'm going to try and be asleep in the next 20 minutes.