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Sometimes the teacher stays in at Scripture and gets kids in trouble when they muck up. I feel bad. I'm much less strict with the kids then she is I think. I think she's a good teacher though. I think I'd like to have her as my teacher if I was in year 5.

I spent most of my day today working on the Bible study again. I finally got it done, but I don't think it was all that inspiring.

We had Luke and Monty at work today. They're doing work experience. It's kinda fun, although I feel like a bit of boss. "Yes, if you could just go and work on that, that'd be great"

I had small group today. It's a funny mix. I like my small groups. They're good quality. Good kids. The dynamics are a little strange sometimes. One of the boys showed me some videos of dodgy web stuff. Home videos of people getting smashed by bulls and rabbits getting run over. They weren't very pleasant. The web has some unhappy stuff on it.

Rach and Helen came and sat in the hallway after small group for about half an hour. I enjoyed that. Perhaps because the Bible study was still beckoning me. Procrastination makes for wonderful times. All the time you use while procrastinating is stolen, and sometimes stealing time feels like a really good thing to do. Other times it catches up with you and you feel guilty. But with the good comes the bad.

Pub was quiet. Just David and I. I enjoyed myself though. I should go out for a drink with just one person more often. It's kinda grown up.

I came home and had dinner with the family and whoever else was here. Nice, nice. Nice people fill up my house. Fill it to overflowing. I think all the beds will be full again tonight. Good stuff.