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Today has been good.

I went to the Exoday launch at Hillsong with Kaye (who needs to update her blog) and Helen. It was interesting. We got Krispy Kremes at the start for breakfast. Then we went down into the Hills youth room and it was bigger than my church. I was in awe. I can't wait till my church gets as big as Hills (which it surely will, 15,000 people is easy). For a youth room...Posh.

Anyway they played some grungy worship very loudly at the beginning. And then we got a talk from Mr Dooley. He is quite a funny man. The talk wasn't too bad. 2 out of 3 points I liked.

All up the event was fun for me, I enjoy all the hype of hype-y Christian stuff, although, I'd rather stay away from it. For me the hype is attractive, but perhaps not productive.

After Hills I left for a picnic that I was having with all the junior boys in our youth ministry. I managed to get very lost, and made bad route choices, and arrived 20 minutes late after leaving half an hour early. That was poor form.

The picnic/barbecue was fun. We played frisbee and kicked the ball around, there was a bit of exploring done, and lots of the boys ran around with sticks pretending they were swords. I really like the guys. They are good value.

I went back to church for a meeting about the next big film/other stuff project with Helen, Matt and Sal (who also needs to update her blog). We had good laughs and I think it was productive. I hope I don't have to be creative. That's lots of effort.

In other news the EU expanded by 10 countries today. There are lots of people who think the EU is a sign of the end times. I doubt it, but I wouldn't be upset if it was.

Perhaps Australia can join the EU, I think we need a sense of belonging to something bigger. The US might get jealous though. Maybe we can join the EU on the sly, a little bit of two-timing never hurt anyone.